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Virag May 14, 2007 02:22

Syntax Error

I'm receiving an error while i'm trying to create new simulation or open the existing simulation in cfx pre. error reads- "Syntax error:load parameters should have the format: param=value "

can someone help

Michael.J March 20, 2010 16:18

Sorry to bring up such an old thread, however i encountered the same problem but luckly I've found a solution. Hope this might be helpful to anyone else having same difficulties.

Soltution is changing name of directory/files that might contain symbols that CFX does undrestand as prefix for some parameter. In my case directory had "." and everything behind the dot CFX understood as additional parameter which caused error while loading mesh.


kavoori March 15, 2011 12:53

yes, that works. Thank michael.

sh.a.ghafour December 4, 2017 16:09

Thanks a lot Michael, i was really a helpful post

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