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Kasper May 14, 2007 08:24

Strange Behaviour in CFX-Mesh

I've have generated an unstructured mesh in CFX-Mesh which I have used for my calculations. I want to use the "Global Mesh Scaling" parameter in CFX-Mesh for refining or coarsening the mesh in a more or less uniform way. This worked fine when i set the scaling to 0.5 which resulted in a refined mesh with approximately 40% more elements. However when I set the scaling to 2 the number of elements increased very slightly instead of decreasing as expected.

The mesh consists primarily of tets. Prisms are used for inflated boundaries and some pyramids are present as well.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I am aware that the "Global Mesh Scaling" does not affect face spacings but I don't understand how the number of elements can increase.


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