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ParodDav May 14, 2007 14:29

Importing mesh problem
Hi everybody, I'm trying to import a model with a mesh made with ICEM 10. This is a Tetra/Prism mesh and the model is quite complicated (solid domains with different materials and fluid domain). This model should solve the solid thermal problem and the fluid dynamic one (around the solid parts). I have a problem importing the mesh into CFX because, when defining boundary conditions and interfaces, my regions are completely divided. For example: I have to define a solid surface which interfaces with the fluid material (or with another solid surface, to define the solid-solid interface). When looking on the regions list (region panel with the available regions for my domain), this surface is composed by several mesh parts (the sum of many of them composes the whole surface I'm working on). Is it a CFX problem? Am I writing the mesh wrongly? Has anybody experienced the same problem? How can I solve it?

Thank you very much in advance! Best regards Davide

Glenn Horrocks May 14, 2007 18:15

Re: Importing mesh problem

Either in CFX-Pre multi-select the parts which make up the total boundary condition or interface; or you can fix it in ICEM manually. Occasionally ICEM needs a little help correctly allocating part names to boundary faces. Turn the geometry off, right click on a part and choose edit part. You can then add elements to a part and manually fix things up.

Glenn Horrocks

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