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Kasper May 16, 2007 10:37

Plotting Beta in CFX 10

I have done a simulation using the High Resolution discretization scheme and now I want to plot the beta-value used in the discretization.

I found an old message which said beta was easily available and could be chosen from the list of variables. This was probably from a different version of CFX. I am using 10.0.

Can anybody help?


opaque May 16, 2007 11:46

Re: Plotting Beta in CFX 10
Dear Kasper,

Have you looked into the list of variables in CFX-Post?, or following the ... on the variable list..

When you use High Resolution, the variables should be there..

Try restarting the solver 1 time step, and see if the <variable of interest>.Beta is reported in the output file.


Glenn Horrocks May 16, 2007 18:08

Re: Plotting Beta in CFX 10

I should add that beta is not a single variable. All variables which have the high res differencing scheme applied to them have their own beta - and for velocity that means three of them. Eg U Velocity.beta, V Velocity.beta, W Velocity.beta.

This is included in CFX10, so you should have it.

Glenn Horrocks

Kasper May 25, 2007 11:09

Re: Plotting Beta in CFX 10
Thanks for the help!

It is as simple as using any other variable when you remember to check the box "Output Var Operators" in Output Control in CFX-Pre. I hadn't which was I has having trouble.


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