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Kumar May 17, 2007 02:55

Turbogrid-icem mesh ggi
Hi all!

does anybody have any idea on how to define a ggi between a turbogrid mesh and a icem mesh,since i need to have both rot and stn domains,also i dont know how to have a full mesh from turbogrid rather than a single blade with periodics and how to import it in cfx,or is there any clue to export turbogrid mesh in icem?

Prachi May 18, 2007 04:19

Re: Turbogrid-icem mesh ggi

I think you can export the turbogrid mesh for CFX as *.def and also you can expost the ICEm mesh as *.msh. Then you can import them as two different domains in CFX-pre. Also while defining the interface you can say say stage (in case you are modeling only a section of both the domains), also you can set the connection as stage/same frame with stage as required by your simulation. Also if you need to model the entire domain, you can make multiple copies of the mesh and rotate them to form a full circle. I hope this answers your query.


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