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Barii.Johnason May 27, 2007 23:35

Unit Convertion

How do I set a new unit in CFX-Pre or CFX-Post? For example, Sometimes I need to show the mass flow rate as "Cubic Foot Minute", but I can't get the "Cubic Foot Minute" unit in the option>unit.

Thanks a lot.

opaque May 28, 2007 09:01

Re: Unit Convertion
Dear Barii

Cubic Foot Minute is not a mass flow rate unit, but a volume flow rate..

Just type

Mass Flow Rate = <your volume flow rate> * density


Barii.Johnason May 28, 2007 21:14

Re: Unit Convertion
Dear Opaque,

Thanks for your help.

In CFX-Post, the mass flow rate was weight per second. If I wolud like to show weight per minute, how do I set the unit?


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