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RVI January 2, 2022 16:36

inconsistency on fluid-fluid interface
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I am kind of new to the CFX environnement. I am trying to make water run through a pipe with different diameters and a main one one which is a restriction diameter.

As the geometry is quite complicated i subdived the mesh in different parts and applied a fluid-fluid interface. However, the velocity results show an anomaly around the interface as if there actually was a border between these two interfaces (right side of the picture attached). Does anyone know where it could be from ?

My solver also presents an "Floating point exception: Overflow" error but as read, this is an other problem which has already been solved here. Am I correct ?

Thank you in advance.


ghorrocks January 2, 2022 20:49

The anomaly is likely to be just a post-processing issue. It does not show the velocity field completely smoothly over interfaces. If you think the results are good then just ignore the anomaly. If you want to fix the anomaly then remesh it such that you don't need the interface. ICEM is good here - you can get it to merge meshes to eliminate these sort of interfaces and give you a contiguous mesh.

The Floating point exception is a FAQ:

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