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Js May 28, 2007 07:11

expirience with deforming mesh/mesh motion
Hey everybody

I am currently trying to simulate a free motion of a bridge deck, and are using Fortran to define the vertical and rotationdisceplacement of the bridge deck/of the coordinates (nessesary in Ansys 10. To update the motion based on the forces calculated in Ansys a fourth order Runga-Kutta method is used.

PROBLEM: Using the above mentioned method the solver terminates with error because of to large calculated forces by the solver resulting in to large discplacements of the bridge deck, and therefore mesh curling and negative volumes.

Does anyone have any experiences with simulating such a combination of rotation and vertical motion using the deformin mesh method? Or an alternativ approach?

Can be noted that no problems have occured simulating rotation or vertical motions separatly.



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