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Maurice May 30, 2007 09:53

My own variable
Hi all,

Suppose I want to solve the following differential equation (in a 3D domain): C*dM/dx=-f*a, where M and f depend on x,y,z (and possibly time) and 'C' and 'a' are constants.

I want to set the value of M on a Domain Interface. What would be the way to this in ANSYS CFX11, since there seems to be only the possibility to define (diffusive) transport, poisson and algebraic equations?

(the background of this problem is a drying process: gas is flowing through a packed bed. Gas flow and bed movement are opposite. But the flow of the bed is much smaller, so I assume an stationary bed, viz. I use a porous domain to model the granules. M is the equation is the moisture content.)

Thanks and best regards, Maurice

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