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Federico Bruni May 30, 2007 12:45

Phase Change Injector
I have to simulate nitrous oxide vaporization/atomization through a injector in a combustion chamber. I need to test spray shape and atomization too. I tried to set non homogeneous turbolence and isothermal model as first. I imposed the mass flux at inlet and pressure at the outlet. Two fluid (NItrous Oxide Gas and Liquid) constitute the domain. How can I set the two liquid interface and phase change? I tried to run the simulation but I have overflow error and solver impose the wall condition at the outlet to prevent fluid flows into the domain...

Thank you for help

Joe May 30, 2007 12:52

Re: Phase Change Injector
Directly resolving a real 3D spray head's atomisation will be very computationally intensive.

I would make sure the quality of the results generated are worth the effort.

I would also suggest passing this sort of problen onto a more expert user e.g. consultancy to do an intitial feasability study.

Amongst other things, experimental validation would almost certainly be required before you could have any confidence in the results.

Gert-Jan May 30, 2007 13:42

Re: Phase Change Injector
I agree with Joe that this is very tough to do. Who starts such a project out of the blue?


Federico Bruni May 31, 2007 06:20

Re: Phase Change Injector
I understand that to resolve this problem is not simple, but I would please myself having preliminary results in order to determine volume fraction and turbolence parameters (k-eps/SST), which are fundamental in order to establish combustion stability. Spray shape and atomization are less important because they will be tested in future experiments.

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