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lars June 18, 2007 07:06

1-way FSI Setting
I am trying to Uni-directional(1-way) FSI simulatin with ANSYS Multiphysics V.11. Rather than using Ansys classics, I am using Ansys Simulation(in Workbench) and CFX. What I want to know is the optimal settings of the number of stagger iteration and number of coeffieient loops.

In FEA analysis, Contact analysi is perfomed with "Static Structural analysis" with total 100 load steps. In CFX, for each fluid-solid interface, "/Boundary details/mesh mothon/send to ansys" is set to "None" for 1-way FSI, and ANSYS fileds are solved before CFX (/Solver control/external coupling/Solution sequence Control)

Then, in CFX, is it nessary that Max iterations number(max. stgger iteration) (/Solver control/External coupling/Coupling step control) is greater than 1 ? Because any data are not sent to ANSYS, it may be sufficient to solver Ansys 1 times and more coefficient loops are nessary for CFX computation in my thought. ( So, max stagger iteration =1 )

In CFX(/Sover control/External coupling/Coupling data transfer control),what's the meaning of Under relaxtion factor, and does it affect the Maximum number of stagger iteration?


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