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Atit Koonsrisuk June 24, 2007 12:45

conservative total pressure and density
In my current simulation,I specified 'INLET' boundary condition at the inlet region with a zero total pressure and 308 K static temperature. The gravitational acceleration is specified along Y-axis and the reference density is 1.146 kg/m^3. After the calculation, I view the result in CFX-Post. At the inlet plane, the hybrid total pressure is zero all over the plane as specified. The conservative total pressure, however, is range from 1101 to 1123 Pa. These values seem like the 'Solver' pressure plus the hydrostatic pressure (which the hydrostatic pressure is not supposed to included in this case).

In addition, the hybrid temperature is 308 K all over the plane as specified, but the hybrid density is not, it is varied from 1.15831-1.15856 kg/m^3.

So my questions are: 1. How to calculate the conservative total pressure at the inlet plane? (just the guideline!) 2. Why the conservative density is not constant?

Thank you for your consideration.


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