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Kuh June 24, 2007 23:42

High pressure concentration results @ the inlet
Hi everyone!

I'm simulating a mixing device using multiphase flow with dispersed liquid droplets(const diamater) in vapor. The inlet velocity of vapor is twice to that of droplets. The results show that there is an abrupt change of static pressure at the inlet side along the center line. It changes from highest to lowest value of the results in a span of 1mm (total length of mixing section is 260mm) though the values in other parts agree well with experimental data.I have tried using equal inlet velocities for both fluids which is computed using the Energy and Momentum of the previous setup's inlet condition, the high pressure concentration were eliminated but the results are significantly higher than the experimental.

The unequal inlet velocities setup represents the mist flow of fluids supplied to the mixing section where the vapor phase is faster than liquid droplets. Do you have any other idea on how to eliminate the high pressure concentrations? Is it significant enough to affect the general results?

Thank you so much for your response!

Much appreciated, Kuh

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