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bogesz June 25, 2007 19:01

RPI wall boiling model
Dear all,

I'm looking for some help from people who are familiar with the RPI Wall boiling model custom CFX solver supplement. (

I am trying to model boiling in a heated tube. The problem is set up as described in the provided examples and documentation, two fluids with constant properties, etc.

My problem is the following: Depending on the problem (or on the model) the calculation crashes after some number of iterations following a huge number repetitions of the following message:

" cal_TSUP1 WARNING: Changing upper bound for heat partition algorithm "

and at the end the error message is the following:

" ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. Message: Heat partitioning algorithm failed to fix upper bound of bisection

Details of error:- ---------------- Error detected by routine FNDFIL CFNAME = * CRESLT = OLD



Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Bogdan

aliemadi January 17, 2011 04:55

Dear Bogdan
I have this problem in a exactly similar condition.I examined different condition to may solve this problem but this also exist. Did your problem has been solved?
Ali Emadi

dyj3516 September 8, 2011 23:10

Dear Ali
I have just encoutered this problem.Have you solved it?

aliemadi September 11, 2011 08:42


Originally Posted by dyj3516 (Post 323487)
Dear Ali
I have just encoutered this problem.Have you solved it?

Dear Friend
I couldn't solve this problem fortunately.

thermal0 January 4, 2013 03:35

wall superheat bisection algorithm fails
Dear all,
I met a very similar case.
when I calculate an unsteady case with RPI model on and relative large wall heat flux, I got this error message:

Wall superheat bisection algorithm failed to converge. Continue with wall superheat = 1.0000072E-01 of minimum relative error = 4.5705986E-2

With steady state or low wall heat flux, the calculation is OK.
Is anyone know how to fix it?


Zhang Peng

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