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Bernhard June 26, 2007 10:49

Split ICEM .tin files - how?
Hi all,

I've just imported a ParaSolid geometry into Icem. The conversion to a .tin file was successful, bit its about 90MB now. ICEM can't even load it over night any more.

Do you know any tool or sth. to split an .tin file in to some more handy parts?

Cheers and Thanks


Gert-Jan June 26, 2007 15:51

Re: Split ICEM .tin files - how?
I think it is easier to split up your original geometry, where the parasolid comes from. Do you have acces to that source?


Dr Flow Squad June 27, 2007 03:02

Re: Split ICEM .tin files - how?
A trial version of Rhino3D (30 saves) can handle and edit parasolid files. -Dr. Flow Squad

Bernhard June 27, 2007 04:39

Re: Split ICEM .tin files - how?
Ok, thanks for your ideas!

I first tried to open the original geometry with SolidWorks, which can usually handle ParaSolid files, bit I had a problem with the ParaSolid version of the file - Solidworks couldn't open it.

I'll try Rhino and tell you if it worked.

Cheers, Bernhard

Pankaj June 27, 2007 05:28

Re: Split ICEM .tin files - how?
Parasolid files can be opened in Solid Edge,Solid Works,Pro-E,and in Design Modeller also. from these u can export to igs,stp or to any other format compatible to icem,try the one which gives smallest size in icem.

and in Icem divide it into parts,else u can split(see documentation),create two or more projects and finally u can have a ggi between splits in cfx.

Bernhard June 27, 2007 08:41

Re: Split ICEM .tin files - how?
Thanks Pankaj,

actually that's what I tried.. But Opening the Parasolid file in SolidWorks doesn't work in that special case because of the coding of the parasolid file (that's what the error message in SW says). I guess it's a problem with the versions. I've downloaded the Rhino demo to to the simlification and cleanup, just waiting for mail with the download link for the Parasolid plugin now..

Cheers Bernhard

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