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Florian Fruth June 29, 2007 05:29

Convergence Problem
Hey all, I'm currently working on a simple forward facing step example, with a mesh imported from openFoam. When importing the mesh I got a message like:

"WARNING The importing process reported the following warning(s) while importing the mesh from the requested file:

Zone 2 is an interior region which is ignored.'

Can I neglect this message or can it be the origin of my divergence problem?

After setting up boundary conditions I started the simulation but it diverged somehow. What is the best way to find the best setting for the timesteps (which are probably the problem) when running a transient example? Is it possible to test all my settings by running a steady state run? Would this show if my problem is due to the wrong timestep setting or du to wrong BCs?

Cheers Florian

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