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Wespl July 2, 2007 01:34

Mass Flow rate
Dear All, Can you please tell me how to visualize the mass flow rate from CFX post if i am using the variable mass flow given in CFX it is giving me some negative values. Looking forward your valuable reply.

Thanks and Regards Wespl.

Glenn Horrocks July 2, 2007 18:30

Re: Mass Flow rate

Negative mass flow means the net flow is in the reverse direction. Isn't that pretty obvious?

Glenn Horrocks

Wespl July 3, 2007 05:18

Re: Mass Flow rate
Thanks Horrocks, Can you please tell me how to get the mass flow rate from CFX. i thing what i am doing is not a correct method to capture the mass flow rate.

Thanks and Regards

Glenn Horrocks July 3, 2007 18:27

Re: Mass Flow rate

You can get mass flow rates as the simulation progresses using a monitor point, and you can also get it from a finished run in CFX-Post using the tools/function calculator.

Both of these methods are discussed in the documentation.

Glenn Horrocks

Wespl July 6, 2007 23:52

Re: Mass Flow rate
Dear Horrocks, Thanks for your reply, and it is useful for me to take out the results and i would like to know if my boundary condns are Total pr at the inlet and Static pr at the outlet. what can be my soln i took the velocity and it seems to be correct but not the pressure so if i need pr soln what shud be my boundary condn.

Thanks and regards Siva.K

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