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Joshua July 4, 2007 14:07

transient results export
I'm running a transient simulation with a large number of timesteps, so to keep the transient files small, I didn't include the mesh. However, now CFX Post cannot open the .trn files and the cfx5export command cannot export the transient data. Is there a way of exporting a transient file that does not contain the mesh information?

Joshua July 4, 2007 14:07

Re: transient results export *NM*

Glenn Horrocks July 4, 2007 18:14

Re: transient results export

You don't load the .trn files in CFX-Post. You load the final result file (.res) and CFX-Post automatically loads the .trn timestep files when you change the timestep.

Regards, Glenn Horrocks

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