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miomio July 4, 2007 15:38

error:wrong number of args?
hi, I just finished this geometry using ICEM-CFD 10.0, then I click 'file>mesh>load from blocking' to generate mesh. but it said 'error: wrong number of args:expected 4'. can anybody tell me what's this argļ¼Ÿ and what should I do about it? thanks a lot.

mic July 5, 2007 00:54

Re: error:wrong number of args?

I had a similar problem. After installing the ICEM-CFD update 10.0.1 it vanished. Ask the support for the update.


miomio July 6, 2007 13:58

Re: error:wrong number of args?
I'm using 10.0.1 now. the error still appears. :(

mic July 10, 2007 00:14

Re: error:wrong number of args?
Hi miomio,

i guess you have build a blocking topology in order to generate a hex-mesh. I checked the issue and I receive the message if the blocking was done with an old ICEM version and the mesh is generated with a newer version. It's surprising that you still receive the error. In my case it vanished using the update. Sorry, for not beeing of help to you.


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