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Virag July 5, 2007 04:18

Forces on symmetrical bodies
Hi I am running a steady case for flow around a sphere or any symmetrical body for that matter, with only x direction velocity as inlet boundry condition. Since the body is symmetrical there should be no resultant force in the normal directions othe then the flow direction, but result shows huge forces in y and z direction (both normal and tengential)

Can any one help.

Gert-Jan July 5, 2007 18:13

Re: Forces on symmetrical bodies
How stable is your flow? Do you observe flow separation?


Virag July 8, 2007 13:50

Re: Forces on symmetrical bodies
ya the flow is unstable. and there are eddies at the down stream behind the body but does the matters even when the body is symmetrical, i mean the flow separation or the instability's should be of equal magnitude for an external flow around a symmetrical body ideally.

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