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Jack July 9, 2007 23:16

Some doubts about my mesh
Hi! Everyone, When I make boundary layer mesh I will have large aspect ratio and high expansion factor. That will turn out two exclamation marks when I start the solver. Is that OK to just let CFX to run like that or there is another way? Thanks

mic July 10, 2007 00:20

Re: Some doubts about my mesh

the warning with regards to the aspect ratio should vanish, while using the double precision option. However, the expansion factor warning will persist. You should try to modify the node distribution in order to avoid that. Otherwise you might have convergence problems.


Jack July 10, 2007 06:27

Re: Some doubts about my mesh
Hi! Mic, Thank you very much. But where can I select the double precision ?

mic July 10, 2007 12:16

Re: Some doubts about my mesh
Hi Jack,

you can select the double precision option in the solver manager. Click on the advanced option tab. There you will find a check box for the option.

By Mic

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