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selim July 16, 2007 12:34

Periodic and sym. BCs

What is the difference between periodic and symmetric BC types.

How periodic BC can be applied in CFX 11?

Thanks, Selim

Gert-Jan July 16, 2007 12:44

Re: Periodic and sym. BCs
Periodic BC allow the flow to leave the domain through one periodic BC and enter the domain through the other. Symmetry BC force the fluid to flow parallel to the symmetry plane.

You can create periodic faces in CFX-Pre using the "boundary-interface-menu". Use the periodic-periodic option / GGI-connection.

In the ideal situation, you already know in the meshing stage that you need periodic boundaries. Then you can enforce the mesher to create identical meshes on the periodic face. In Pre this allows to use the periodic-periodic / automatic option. This improves accuracy.


selim July 16, 2007 13:01

Re: Periodic and sym. BCs
Thanks a lot,


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