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Li July 25, 2007 11:27

Transient simulation Error information
Hi everyone! I am doing a transient simulation. I specified two user functions in inlet airflow and AV concentration respectively, and I initialized it with a .res file from another steady simulation. And the mesh files are the same for these two simulations ( steady and transient). After start the transient simulation, I got the following error information:

----------------------------------------------------------- Domain Name : room

Global Length = 1.4774E+00

Minimum Extent = 6.2000E-01

Maximum Extent = 3.0000E+00

Density = 1.1850E+00

Dynamic Viscosity = 1.8310E-05

Velocity = 9.8275E-01

Advection Time = 1.5033E+00

RMS Courant Number = 1.1226E+02

Maximum Courant Number = 1.8772E+03

Reynolds Number = 9.3964E+04 **** Error in subroutine GETDAT ***** Name of data area requested = RESF/OUTPUT_RESEQN Size of data area requested = 20 Size of data area obtained = 3

ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. Message:Stopped in routine getdat ---------------------------------------------------------- I am using Ansys CFX 10.0. Would you tell me what the error mean? Thanks a lot!

With kind regards Li

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