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jorllam August 1, 2007 12:43

Ship hull modeling on ANSYS CFX V11.0
Hello everybody,

I'm trying to model a ship hull on ANSYS CFX V11.0 using an homogeneus free surface model. First, i've started modeling a 2D free surface channel to, after i get it converged, start with a more complex 3D model introducing the ship hull. I'm using a 2D hexaedral mesh refined at the interface between water and air. The inlet bc has been defined with a constant velocity and the phases distribution in accordance to the water level. The outlet bc has been defined with an hydrostatic pressure profile related to the water level as well. Regarding the solver, i'm using high resolution discretization for all equations, harmonic body forces averaging, coupled multiphase solver and the double precision executable.

The question is that the solution to this model should be trivial, but i can't get it converged. I've tried several combinations of boundary conditions but i always get spurious velocities in the air phase next to the fluid interface, most of the times in the area close to the outlet, appearing sometimes recirculation in the bottom area of water next to the outlet.

Can anybody give me an idea to make this work?

Thanks in advance!

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