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fadly August 6, 2007 23:16

meshing fan blade in tunnel...
I want to see the flow produced from the fan blade...I've created the fan (blade and hub)in CATIA then import it in design modeler.cut it inside tunnel that i made's i want to mesh the fan blade and also tunnel. The problem is..there is external errors occured.blade dim(16 blades and hub - 2.9m diameter). I want to know the correct way to mesh fan blade.just to see the flow of rotating me...thanx

sandy August 8, 2007 07:49

Re: meshing fan blade in tunnel...
I think you need a rotating mesh for the fan, two stationary meshes for the inlet region and wake region. I guess you have to make the meshes one bye one. Correct me if I am wrong.

fadly August 8, 2007 23:25

Re: meshing fan blade in tunnel...
how can i do the rotating mesh??.Is it in BladeGen?? I'm just use CFX mesh..what do you mean by one by one??(is it for blade and tunnel in different meshing).Is it true the way i import into the tunnel and cut all bodies....

fadly August 10, 2007 03:31

Re: meshing fan blade in tunnel...
another option is i try to import the fan blade from catia.then i freeze it..and then i make new sketch to make a tunnel surrounded the fan(extrude cylinder:add material)....and then i choose enclosure (shape:User defined, User defined body:Tunnel, Merge part: YES).now i try to mesh it functional for simulating the rotating blade in tunnel??is the right way i did....anybody plz guide me.i'm confusing now

Erich August 10, 2007 16:52

Re: meshing fan blade in tunnel...
One way to do this would be to break the CAD into 3 solid regions. First would be the inlet section, second the blade section, and then the outlet section. You could import either the assembly of these or individual solids to create the mesh. Once you have the 3 meshed domains you could use the Turbo Wizard and import them - inlet, rotor, outlet. The rotation can be specified in the rotor domain, while the other domains are stationary.

There is a good example of rotating/stationary domains in the tutorials. Good Luck.

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