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Pankaj August 8, 2007 05:03

Turbo Noise analysis
In cfx Post we have an option to analyse the noise induced by the turbomachine(low speed-Mach No below 0.4) using the Macro calculator for TurboNoise.

But i dont know how to specify those parameters. Such as Theta sectors, Loading Coefficient, Number of Harmonics, Observer Location (r), Observer Location (theta), Loading Coefficient, Reference pressure, Reference Power.

can i have ref pressure of the domain? Loading coeff is blade loading? observer distances can be specified. what will be ref power?

Needs help.

Thanks a lot. Pankaj.

sandy August 8, 2007 09:56

Re: Turbo Noise analysis
I know nothing about the noise analysis. But for the parameter specification, you can find an icon in the CFX-post toolbar looking like a "M on a sheet". I guess it is for Macro parameter setting. You can click on it and then modify the parameters if that is what you want.

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