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Hervé August 13, 2007 08:20

Batch file on Windows XP

I am normally running ANSYS on LINUX :) but I have to work for a while on WINDOWS XP :(

How does a batch file look like on WINDOWS XP and how do I run it ? I have looked - a bit - at the tutorials but it hasn't helped me that much.

Do you have any example I can use ?

I want to solve several .def files in a row.



Joey2007 August 13, 2007 16:19

Re: Batch file on Windows XP
One possibility may be to use perl. It is installed with CFX installation and may be similar to things you are using under linux.

Glenn Horrocks August 13, 2007 18:19

Re: Batch file on Windows XP

It is all described in the documentation. Have a look in the Solver Manager doco, under "Starting CFX from the command line".

You will find a windows batch file is pretty much the same as a Linux/Unix script.

Glenn Horrocks

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