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Ramu Maddi August 15, 2007 23:44

Mach number in Post processor
When i am solving the axial turbine through CFX, when i am post processing the results i am unable to find mach number in the post processor any body can help me in this regard. Whether i have to rerun the solution?

Robin August 16, 2007 10:25

Re: Mach number in Post processor
Hi Ramu,

What material did you use? If you used a compressible material, such as "Air Ideal Gas", the solver will return the Mach Number. If you ran with Air at STP or another incompressible material, Mach Number will not be calculated.

Regards, Robin

Ramu Maddi August 17, 2007 00:20

Re: Mach number in Post processor
Dear Robin, I am using Steam as material, then how to get mach number. Sometimes my post is not showing even velocity in stn frame , what could be the problem. Thanks in Advance.

Regards, Ramu Maddi

CycLone August 17, 2007 10:06

Re: Mach number in Post processor

Are you running a transient and loading a .trn file? In that case you may not have chosen to write the Mach Number to the .trn file. Otherwise, Mach Number will already be there, assuming you have a compressible fluid as Robin has suggested. Is you Steam material compressible (I know that steam is compressible, but check the actual material definition you are using).


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