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Jemy August 18, 2007 21:26

How to specify the mesh moving mode in CFX
Hi all,

I want to simulate a rigid section oscillating in air with sinosoidal heaving or pitch displacement.I have successfully deal with problem in my self-developed code for easy mesh generated case through ALE.But now I want to carry it out in CFX, since I can obtain mesh with good quility.However, I donot know how to define the moving mode of the mesh.In my opinion, there is no need to repeatly form mesh at each time step, since I can use an oscillating coordinate system with the mesh rigidly fixed with it.

Anyway,I donot know how to deal with the mesh,also a tutorial about simulation for rigid oscillating section is very much appreciated.


Rudi_G August 20, 2007 12:29

Re: How to specify the mesh moving mode in CFX
I have implemented non-inertial coordinate system using bouyancy and boundary conditions (sub sonic flow).

For body motions [0,0,a*Sin(omega*t)] : Define all inlets & outlets as openings with cartesian velocity components [0,0,-a*omega*Cos(omega*t)]. Allow bouyancy & define gravity as [0,0,a*(omega^2)*Sin(omega*t)].

Jemy August 27, 2007 20:04

Re: How to specify the mesh moving mode in CFX

Did you mean you use the same mesh configuration for all time step?So you avoid importing or forming different mesh on different time step.In this case,do you use stationary B.C. for the rigid body which means zero wind velocity on the body surface?

For rigid body vertical motion, it maybe easy to understand your implementation.While,how to deal with the torsional motion of the rigid body.

All the best.


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