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Vadim Baines-Jones August 24, 2007 07:24

Chart Generation in CFX Post
Hi all,

Just waned to say thanks for the help with my previous work on jets, it seems to be maching the experimental program quite well now. Was jsut a matter of the correct surface tension model.


Im struggling to use the full potential of post here, or at least I assume it would be able to do it. Im doing the velocity profiles at the exit and then at several distances away from the orrifice. This will give me 6-7 velocity profiles at 6-7 X distances away from the nozzle. However, I see nowhere in CFX post that allows for 2 x axis on 1 chart. The chart function seems very basic.

Is my only option to extract the data and model it in Matlab?



Omer August 27, 2007 16:21

Re: Chart Generation in CFX Post
Can you rephrase your question? What do you really want?

Two curves in one plot? If that is so, you can always click the "New Line" button in the Chart options area!Its very simple and straightforward to use!

Vadim Baines-Jones August 28, 2007 09:14

Re: Chart Generation in CFX Post
Hi Omer,

Thanks for the response. Maybe my question was a little vague. I am able to plot multiple lines on one graph using the simple function you highlighted, this was not the problem.

The problem is representing 3D data really. I want on the Y axis Distance across the nozzle, and on the x axis, distance from the nozzle. What howerver, I do require that makes it more difficult is the velocity intensity. YEs I can visulise this in the POST window, thats the whole point of velocity vector plots, however Id like to visualise this on a chart.

My only option seems to be Matlab. Any of you out there made velocity vector plots on a chart?



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