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Sam S August 25, 2007 22:25

Periodicity in CFX
Hi there

I'm having some serious issues with using the periodicity function in CFX. The system I'm working on can usually handle standard 2D problems up to about 1,500,000 elements. However, I have recently moved to 3D and am working on a particular problem where a periodicity interface needs to be used. I am finding that even on course mesh problems with around 300,000 elements, the computer is returning an error saying "Insufficient Memory Allocated". If I remove the periodicity, this problem will solve, albeit incorrectly. Even after i have drastically increased swap space, I am still having this error. I know that CGI periodicity uses more CPU power and more memory, but this much? Does anyone have any suggestions? If so I would much appreciate any

Thank you very much,


Glenn Horrocks August 26, 2007 18:35

Re: Periodicity in CFX

I use periodicity a fair bit and don't have the problem. I would check the periodic boundary is set up correctly, with faces parallel (if translational) or the rotation axis correct (if rotational).

Also - what physics are you using? Not all physics supports periodicity.

Glenn Horrocks

johnny August 27, 2007 00:59

Re: Periodicity in CFX
If your error states "Insufficient Memory Allocated", simply increase the memory allocation factor.

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