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July August 28, 2007 09:19

CFX5solver ERROR?
I'm using cfx10.0 for computation of turbomachinary cases and the grid is made by Gridgen and ICEM, all of which are hexa grid.

but I usually met such kind of cfx errors:

ERROR # 004100007 has occurred in subroutine FINDL. Message

No connection from equation 109142 to 122684 found.

Anybody knows why this happens ? Thanks in advance.

opaque August 28, 2007 09:45

Re: CFX5solver ERROR?
Dear July,

FINDL errors are not common, and they indicate that something else is wrong upstream.

When does it happens? When solving the equations? Which particular equation, turbulence/energy? It could be that your physics setup is not consistent between two of your domains.

Are you using 10.0, or 11.0?


July August 28, 2007 10:02

Re: CFX5solver ERROR?
Thank you,


I use ansys 10.0, I used to apply ansys 11.0,however this kind of errors also occurred using 11.0.

Frozen Stator Interface model was implemented to attatch two domains. But from the .out files ,I found that non-overlap areas is no more than 0.1% of the in terface surfaces. Do you think the connection of two domains cause the problem?

I don't consider energy equations anyway.

Hope for your further reply.

Thank you so much.


opaque August 28, 2007 11:12

Re: CFX5solver ERROR?
Dear July,

Could you post the section of the output file containing the error? Please post at least 20~25 lines before the message is printed..

It seems to me that the physics between the two domains is not consistent/valid.


July August 28, 2007 22:00

Re: CFX5solver ERROR?
Dear Opaque:

Thank you for your attention

to my problem.

My email address is ,

May you send a email to me, So

I can send you the .out file as

an attachment

I'm so appreciate for your help.


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