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Al August 29, 2007 02:34

One to one connection for periodic faces

i'm trying to set a 1:1 connection on periodic faces, but when i write the .def file, CFX change the connection on periodicity to GGI. I have just augmented the Mesh Match Tolerance parameter to 0.1 (10%) with no results.

The mesh is generated with Centaur and is in CGNS format. I have just verified in Centaur that no periodic problems are present and it seems to be a one to one connection (the max error is equal to 1e-12 for corresponding nodes).

Moreover, CFX takes several hours to import a mesh (in CGNS format) of 1.300.000 elements.

I am not sure that CGNS file contains any informations about corresponding nodes on periodicity, therefore i am not sure that is possible to set one to one connection for mesh imported in CGNS format.

Can anyone help me???



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