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Felix August 30, 2007 11:18

Backup run options

In the Solver Manager, manually clicking on the Backup Run icon doesn't write the residual variables (U-mom, P-mass, etc..) in the .bak file. Does anyone know where that option can be turned on? I suppose I just have to enable it as for automatic backups, right ?



CycLone August 30, 2007 11:58

Re: Backup run options
There is an option on the same panel to include the residuals but they aren't necessary for a backup or a results file. However, it is sometimes useful to include residuals so you can check out where the solution is not converging.

Glenn Horrocks August 30, 2007 18:32

Re: Backup run options

If a run is already going without the include residuals option but you would like to include it then try "edit run in progress" and add the include residuals option and save a backup.

Glenn Horrocks

Felix August 31, 2007 09:18

Re: Backup run options

Thanks for your answers but there is something I might have misunderstood. In PRE, in the Output Control/Backup panel, I've selected "Output Equation Residuals" (All) but let the "Output Frequency" to None. In the SOLVER's edit-run-in-progress, I can see Output Equation Residuals : All.

Still, I cannot visualize the residuals in POST when I open xx.bak... What did I do wrong ? Should it work as I set it up ?

Thanks again and sorry for bothering you with such a simple question,


CycLone August 31, 2007 09:49

Re: Backup run options
Hi Felix,

These settings only apply to the periodic backup file. By setting the output frequency to none, you are not getting a backup file with these settings.

If you want residuals added to the manual backup file you will need to add the expert parameter "output eq residuals". This will also include the residuals in the results file.


Felix August 31, 2007 13:14

Re: Backup run options
Aaaah !

Thanks CycLone, that explains it all! I hadn't notice that option in the expert parameters. Mea culpa.

I wish you all a nice weekend,


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