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Ansys, Inc. @ wikipedia September 14, 2007 09:45

History of Ansys Inc.
Hi all,

Does anyone of you all have some additions or suggetions for improvement for the Ansys Inc. pedigree published in wikipedia?


hayate September 16, 2007 03:25

Re: History of Ansys Inc.

you should stop spending money on advertising and try to make a solver......

thanks a lot hayate

Ansys, Inc. @ wikipedia September 17, 2007 05:44

Re: History of Ansys Inc.
Dear Hayate,

First: I am not paid by Ansys in any way. If I would work for them, I would be able to get the data.

Second: Why should I create my own solver? I think the improvement of existing ones would help better in the daily work for engineers all around the world. But for users of CFD-codes it might be interessting how it was developed. What if there are only two codes left an you would have to choose the right one for you?

Third: I thought that might be interessting for new people in this business. If this is not the case for you, I am sorry. I think CFD is beyond the state that only nerds deal with it. So there might be other aspects than just the code.


HAYATE September 18, 2007 08:11

Re: History of Ansys Inc.
i am appologize. i believed that you work for them, of course we would like to know the true history because this matters when you want to choose a code, ecently a friend of mine bye fluent because he did not wanted to be ansys.... and now he is a member of ansys,

forgive me but i start hate the people in ansys,,,,

best regards hayate

Ansys, Inc. @ wikipedia September 18, 2007 11:01

Re: History of Ansys Inc.

But that was exactly my point. As I did some research on that issue I found several product webpages which apear as an independent product but in reality belong to ansys. If you read the small print you will find the references but not on the first glance.

But I do not want to screw ansys as the devil. I just wanted to give an account of the historical facts.

So if anyone knows more dates, companies etc please write it here. This might also come from Ansys guys (see that Robin?:).


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