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Bayard Morales September 21, 2007 09:19

What Linux distribuitions support CFX?
Hi there.

Ive been running CFX under SuSE and Red Hat Linux distributions, but Im looking for information on running CFX under other distributions.

Does anyone have this kind of experience - like running CFX under Ubunto, etc?


Rui Pereira September 28, 2007 12:05

Re: What Linux distribuitions support CFX?
As far as I know, Fedora Core 4 supports CFX 10.0, but there is an issue that i want to discuss w you.

CFX actually works with linux FC4, BUT, the mesh cannot be built on CFX mesh of Ansys workbench 10.0.

FC4 supports Ansys workbench 10.0 in FEA analysis and geometry creation/meshing, but once you try to mesh a simple geometry for CFX analysis, follow all the steps, create in design modeler, validate geometry in CFX mesh, mesh surfaces, it refuses to mesh the volume with an error message about nvol3d.exe.

So I have 3 questions that i would like to make to you:

1. Is it possible to perform a CFX analysis "decoupled" from mesh creation in Workbench 10.0 CFX mesher?

(cuz CFX performs flawlessly on the tutorials in CFX install...)

2. Did that particular bug i refered to ever ocured to you in the Red Hat or Suse Distros that you use?

3. Is it possible that the bug is merely an installation/configuration issue and not a basic incompatibility...?

Best regards

Rui Alexandre Pereira

Bayard Morales September 28, 2007 13:19

Re: What Linux distribuitions support CFX?
Hi there. Ill try to help as much as I can.

1. Yes. Actually, I always used Ansys ICEM to create my meshes. You can just import a mesh, I CFX accept meshes created thru many softwares.

2. No, I cant relate no similar problem.

3. Maybe. Sometimes, the Linux distros just doesnt have something required by Ansys software. An exemple can be found if you try to run CFX under Open SUSE.

Hope it was helpful. Thanks for your help, good luck.

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