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Kushagra Mittal September 21, 2007 16:25

Mesh Adaption in CFX.
Hi there,

First of all, the forum has been of great help for me. :)

I need some guidance on mesh adaption this time :

1) I have read the mesh adaption and also played with it in my simulations. One confusion here, related to the ADAPTION CONVERGENCE CRITERIA...

If I have understood correctly, mesh adaption takes place whenever the 'RMS residual' for the specified target variable (velocity or pressure etc) becomes equal to or lower than 'Target Residual' specified in the 'Adaption convergence criteria', untill maximum number of adaption steps take place. If I am wrong please correct me.

CFX-document says that the adaption criteria is calculated for all the edges and the maximum value of all the edges in an element is used to decide whether or not the element is to be refined. I am confused, with what VALUE, the maximum value of of the edges is compared ???????

2) Mesh is not refined for the inflated layers in the prependicular direction to the wall (CFX Document says so). I create my mesh in Gambit and refine near wall regions using size function and boundary layers. How would CFX identify inflated layers in my mesh? Or it will refine near wall regions as well in my case (under Mesh Adaption).

Please guide. Thanks a ton in advance,

Regards, Kushagra Mittal.

ivanbuz August 31, 2011 08:17

Have you found the answer to your questions? I have the same confusion, especially the part related to boundary mesh.

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