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vvj September 22, 2007 08:18

related to ICEM - CFD and CFX
Hi friends, I have few questions.

1. What is that ICEM stands for?

2. What is the main objective of keeping modeling options in ICEM-CFD when it is a meshing tool when so many high-end modeling softwares are available?

3. Is it possible to relate (combine) ICEM-CFD and CFX for optimization problem, so that meshing updates itself to suit the problem? Please give some relevant resources if you have.

4. I want to optimize the diameter size of a pipe at the outlet. Is it possible to combine a modeling software, ICEM-CFD and CFX so that optmization takes place only in one shot/run?? OR we have to make the changes in the geaometry, again mesh it and again run the solver??

PLZ reply... Thanks guys...

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