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Nan Jia September 24, 2007 00:07

Continuous casting modules in CFX

i think i have a stupid question for you all: i need to make a Mathematical Simulationimulate on Coupled Flow and Heat Transport in slab Continuous Casting is said that cfx has Continuous casting modules,but i can't find them in cfx.can you give me a piece of adive about this problem!! thank you very much!!!

shahid nadeem February 25, 2014 05:15

Hello my dear frnd did you got that continuos casting method if yes please tell me

ghorrocks February 25, 2014 18:23

I do not know of anything like this. I would ask ANSYS support.

But if you are talking about air flow around a slab coupled with heat transfer - there is no need for a module to do this, it is easy to set this up with the default CFX setup. Is there some advanced physics you are planning on including which would make the standard CFX models inadequate?

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