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Gentry September 24, 2007 12:27

Meshing tool discussion
Hi, everyone,

Recently, I tried ANSYS Meshing inside WB11. I do not think the extra meshing methods (other than CFX-Mesh) are useful for CFD purpose. How do you think?

For Tetra mesh, CFX-Mesh and ICEM CFD Basic both can do the work. Question is which one is better. I prefer CFX-Mesh just because it is simple to use and cheap for license. From my experience, the mesh generated by ICEM Basic might not be better than CFX-Mesh, although ICEM is more powerful.

For Hexa mesh, ICEM CFD Hexa is the choice. Does ICEM Hexa have to work with ICEM Basic together? Can the combination of CFX-Mesh (for tetra mesh) and ICEM CFD Hexa (for hexa mesh) work well for meshing?

Thanks. Please add your comments.

Gentry September 24, 2007 12:51

Re: Meshing tool discussion
It would be much useful if the Hexa dorminant method in WB 11 has the capability for inflation.

wooster September 24, 2007 12:56

Re: Meshing tool discussion
In my experience, the CFX-Mesh was decent, but I found it didn't have the editing tools that ICEM had. This is ok on simple or near simple models, but when you get monsters that are just plain nasty, the editing tools for ICEM can come in handy to get the mesh 'just so'. Sometimes I have huge trouble with CFX-Mesh for my larger models, so I go over to ICEM. I continue to use both: CFX-Mesh for the easy bits or ICEM for the harder models. Anyway, the Wooster two cents there.


Rui September 24, 2007 13:55

Re: Meshing tool discussion

I was going to start a new topic asking about the differences between CFX-Mesh and ICEM CFD. I've never worked with ICEM (I suppose my university has a licence for it, but not sure), but I've seen the demos on the Ansys web site ... and it looks great.

So it would be nice if more CFX users posted here their experiences with both meshing tools.

I think 'inflation' is a very useful tool for CFD analysis. If ICEM doesn't have it, is there any easy way around to create inflation.


Gentry September 24, 2007 14:07

Re: Meshing tool discussion
ICEM surely has inflation, and it has separate control on each inflation.

ICEM is powerful, but complex to use.

wooster September 24, 2007 14:16

Re: Meshing tool discussion
I do not know what ICEM stands for, but I'm willing to bet money that the 'I' stand for 'incomprehensible'. ICEM does do a lot with 'inflation', but like Gentry notes, it is complicated to use. There are a couple posts on inflating, so if you do use ICEM, check some of the archived posts. -W

Gentry September 24, 2007 15:18

Re: Meshing tool discussion
Couple posts down, someone said ICEM stands for "Integrated Computation for Engineering and Manuafacturing".

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