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Kushagra Mittal September 24, 2007 14:34

Pressure reference location
Hi there,

CFX-11 document says that the pressure reference location will be set to the centroid of a pressure specified boundary; if any. OR user can also specify the X, Y, Z coordinates of the location.

Could you please help me understanding the importance of this particular location. And what if I leave it 'Automatic'. I am not able to undertsand it from CFX-11 documents .

Thanks a ton in advance,

Best Reagards, Kushagra Mittal.

Glenn Horrocks September 24, 2007 18:18

Re: Pressure reference location

Pressure in the solver is a relative pressure. It is referenced to the pressure reference point and that point has a specified absolute pressure offset.

The documentation describes this in more detail.

Glenn Horrocks

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