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Diz September 24, 2007 21:34

Slot jet impinging on cylinder
Good day ! I need some advices on simulating slot jet impinging on a circular cylinder.

Re_0 based on inlet width 'b' is about a 6.6*10^3, (or Re_D=2.6*10^4 based on cylinder diameter 'D').

b/D = 0.25, h/b = 2 ('h' - distance from inlet)

As far as I know, it's still a research case, but I'm trying to simulate it in CFX 10. I'm mostly interested in heat transfer (and boundary layer modeling).

1) Could this problem be simulated in 2D (and Z influence on turbulence could be ignored) ? 2) Same question about symmetry - I would like to simulate only half of cylinder. 3) Which turbulence model of CFX will be most appropriate ? 4) Which timescale should I use for steady-state calculation ? Impinging jet have a small timescale relative to meeting global balances in domain.

Thank you!

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