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Virag Mishra October 3, 2007 10:52

mesh motion tutorial error
Hi Im trying to solve the tutorial 20 (the one involving motion of the ball inside the valve FSI problem) in CFX11 USING USER FORTRAN. The cfx5mkext command in command editor is fine and it is generating the required *.dll,*.exp,*.lib and *.obj files and im able to export the simulation even to solver BUT the the solver is not able to run the simulation after timesteping information; it just reads" An error has occurred in cfx5solve: | The ANSYS CFX solver could not be started, or exited with return code 255:No results file has been created.

The last job done by solver probable is this Reading mesh for map generation File read: <file path>\meshes\DefaultDomain.0 I guess the problem is that solver is unable to interpreat node cordinates in DefaultDomain.0

Any idea how to deal with this, its imp. Thanks in advance

Johnson October 6, 2007 07:08

Re: mesh motion tutorial error
Could be a number of things.

What is the output in the terminal window?


Virag Mishra October 6, 2007 08:55

Re: mesh motion tutorial error
Probably the reason was some installation problem with VC++ or Intel fortran, Well I modified the cfx5mkext.ccl to suit the compaq compiler, its fine now. Thanks for response Johnson

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