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KM October 12, 2007 15:06

Domain initialisation.

I run the same simulation twice. Once with domain initialisation to be Automatic. And the other case with Domain Initialisation -> Static Pressure -> Automatic with Value -> 40 kPa. And I don't read initial condition from any file.

But what I see, that both the run go exactly same !!!! Should not I see any difference among their iterations ? It makes me confused. Please help !

Thanks a ton in advance,

Best Regards, KM

CycLone October 12, 2007 15:19

Re: Domain initialisation.
Did you pick a results file for the initial values? If you did, Automatic with Value will use the existing values (this is what Automatic means).

If not, it may just be the solver isn't very sensitive to this in your case. There may be a slight difference in the first few iterations, which you could check by writing a backup file at the beginning. The insensitivity is not surprising if the fluid is incompressible.


KM October 12, 2007 15:27

Re: Domain initialisation.
Thank you very much!!

I did not read values from any initial result file. And my fluid is incompressible.

I will check the first few iterations values, as you suggested.

Thanks again,

Regards, KM

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