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KM October 12, 2007 15:47

Interpolation command '-interp-iv' in syntax file

In order to run my simulation in batch mode on a linux cluster, I need to write a script. To read initial guess from a existing result file, I use -ini <filename.res> in my script .

Further, in order to interpolate values from the result file to existing mesh, I need to specify some interploation syntax which I don't know. I was suggested by Johnson ( ) to use '-interp-iv' flag on the command line. I am not getting how to use it. Could some one let me know where should I use this in my syntax.

My syntax looks like

-def <definitionFileName.def> -ini <InitialGuessFileName.ini>

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards, KM.

KM October 12, 2007 15:49

Correction in my question
I don't know why some text in my message do not appear. Here is the correction.

My syntax looks like

-def 'definitionFileName.def' -ini 'initialGuessFileName.res'


CycLone October 12, 2007 16:07

Re: Correction in my question
Just add -interp-iv to the list of command line arguments...

cfx5solve -def definitionFileName.def -ini initialGuessFileName.res -interp-iv


KM October 12, 2007 16:17

Re: Correction in my question
Thank you very much. You always help me. So kind of you !!!! :)

CycLone October 12, 2007 16:29

Re: Correction in my question
Just making the world a better place, one CFD user at a time :)

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