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guest7777 October 13, 2007 17:39

HELP: ICEM blocking and vorfn / orfn
Hello, i am a beginner and trying to create blocks around a car (want to run in CFX) through icem tutorial but with z = 1 cell thick. - While splitting a HEXA-block, for example horizontal split via PRESCRIBED POINT, the original rectangular block is divided into almost triangular one. What is the reason? How to get 2 rectangular blocks ? overcome this?

- By mistake i deleted one block and wanted to retrieve from VORFN. It simply looks HORRIBLE. DELETING only increases the blocks number in it. Nomal deletion of entities does not seem to help. HOW to get rid of the garbage?

- What is ORFN ?

Thank you

Chirag October 15, 2007 03:09

Re: HELP: ICEM blocking and vorfn / orfn
You can move vertices here & there & make it rectangular. You need to associate block vertices to geometry points, block edges to geometry curves to get best results.

Yep, deleting blocks & then 'undo'ing that action is sometime horrible in ICEM. Avoid it as far as possible. Create new block instead of 'undo'ing the action.

Do not forget to check 'Delete permanently' box whenever you delete any block. This will avoid putting deleted block in to VORFN. VORFN is just an imaginary body outside your fluid/solid meshing domain.

I guess, this will help.

Best luck, Chirag

Chirag October 15, 2007 03:27

Re: HELP: ICEM blocking and vorfn / orfn
But, I still recommend, if you have access to CFX support then better use them. I have seen your previous posts on same issue. You can probably share your problem & geometry with them and they will be able to guide you in much better way. They may even do it (meshing) for you once.

Best luck,


guest7777 October 15, 2007 06:49

Re: HELP: ICEM blocking and vorfn / orfn
thank you and namaste

guest8 November 2, 2007 12:28

ICEM blocking PB
Hello, I checked the quality mesh of my first block (just created without any modification) and I found negative values of the determinant 2*2*2.

Have you any idea? Thanks in advance.

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