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Bloshchitsyn Vladimir October 15, 2007 06:17

CFX arc-modeling, User Fortran, CEL....
Hello! Can you give me advice, about arc-modeling in CFX!

I want, first of all, use simplest one-zonal model, with considering ( at first) only joule heating:

diagramm here:

Algorithm is: 1)Computing temperature field by given temperature distribution on electrode surface. 2)Computing source energy terms in each arc point, by User Fortran procedures 3)Next iteration

The biggest problem it's step 2)! Which functions of USer Fortran or CEL should I use for calculating  E(z)=i(t)/[2π∫σ(r,z,t)rdr], where σ(T)=σTT(x,y,z,t)n, T - temperature ?


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