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guest7777 October 15, 2007 06:20

BEGINNER ICEM edges of splitted blocks
Hello, the basic geometry is based on a tutorial and have following issue: 1)split a blocks through edges (big and small), 2)smaller block is associated with geometry_b 3)the bigger block is distorded through edge association of smaller block could you please explain what i should do in order that the blocks are splitted and then become independent of each other? thank you

Chirag October 15, 2007 07:31

Re: BEGINNER ICEM edges of splitted blocks
Which tutorial? Which step is going wrong?

To have two independent blocks.. 1) Create two blocks separately OR 2) Split one block in to three & delete intermediate one 'permanently'

By the way, this way you will loose mesh continuity between two blocks. So, check whether you really need it.

Best luck, Chirag

guest7777 October 15, 2007 11:30

Re: BEGINNER ICEM edges of splitted blocks
tutorial 2d-car: i have added a z-dim. to it and initially a 3-d bounding block which i split around car. what happens to the edges of say bigger and smaller block which is splitted? thank you

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