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Wooster October 16, 2007 17:25

Editing the meshs a how-to?
Is there a website or book (particularly aimed at ICEM) that goes over methods for mesh editing? I've got all these tools to edit my meshes and I'm sorta playing around with them with very little direction.

An example would be I get a horrible mesh (either quality or aspect ratio, etc.), and to fix it I might delete the elements. What then? I can't seem to get the mesher to just remesh the particular points of concern.

My focus would be not so much producing a mesh (which is fairly straight forward) but taking a raw mesh and editing it to get a good mesh. Perhaps the question is a little to broad, if so, I'll try and focus it further. Thanks! -W

Chirag October 16, 2007 23:33

Re: Editing the meshs a how-to?
Hello Wooster.

Contact your local CFX/ICEM support team, if you have an access to them. They have detailed presentations available for almost all specific issues. I remember, I had seen one similar presentation on 'mesh editing tools in ICEM' during a CFX/ICEM training at their office. If you can arrange a hard copy, it will really be helpful to you.

Best luck,


Wooster October 17, 2007 10:11

Re: Editing the meshs a how-to?
How much do you think it'll cost? I'm doing CFX on the cheap and one of the reasons I can't go to the training is the rather steep cost. I'll phone them up and see though. Thanks! -W

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