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Elaine October 17, 2007 00:28

Droplets at Walls
Hi everyone,

I'm simulating a two phase flow (mixture of gas and liquid droplets) using Eulerian method. I want to ask how does CFX handles the droplet as it hits the wall? Does it bounce back to the main stream? If I want to have a wall deposition, can I do it without using algebraic slip model? I'm just new to CFX and any help is much appreciated!

Thanks guys! Elaine :)

mic October 18, 2007 04:59

Re: Droplets at Walls
Hi! Is your problem similar to the case of rain droplets in air? If yes, have you considered the use of the Lagrangian Particle Tracking (particle transport) instead of the Eulerian Model? To answer your question, when you set the boundary conditions on a wall in a multiphase analysis in CFX you can define a restitution coefficient (explained on help) that let you define the behaviour of the dispersed phase. You can also define a "wall deposition" if the dispersed phase "diapperars" from the analysis. Hope this helps!

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